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French-American Food

Enjoy Regional French-American Food at South Bend Bistro

Are you looking for a twist on the usual Sunriver food? Experience the best of central Oregon and classic French cuisine at South Bend Bistro. Chef Kelly Day takes her expertise and brings together ingredients sourced from local farms and suppliers and then gives them a touch of love from the Continent. You can select a full multi-course menu or treat yourself to a soup and salad that is anything but simple.

Locally Sourced Ingredients Served to Celebrate Our Heritage

If you love fresh seafood? Discover a wide variety of fish and shellfish sourced off shore of the Pacific Northwest. Our crab cakes are served with a togarashi lemon aioli. The sea scallops lie atop a bed of parsnip purée. Our Charcuterie includes such indulgences as Black Truffle cheese, duck liver pate, and whole grain mustard. A Key Lime tart is ready to clear your palate after savoring entrées such as roast duck or the steamer clams in white wine herb sauce.

Call to Reserve Your Table for an Evening of Excellent Sunriver Food

It is wise to call head to reserve your table so you are guaranteed the time to experience all the options on our French-American food menu. We have limited seatings each night, allowing our kitchen staff to wholly focus on each dish to be prepared. We encourage you to take your time and savor each bite while creating lasting memories with your friends and family around the table. We do offer outdoor seating when the weather turns fine.

We are located across the street from The Village at Sunriver, so you are able to wind down with the perfect meal after an afternoon of shopping or even playing the links at the Meadows Golf Course.

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