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The Perfect Black Manhattan

One of our favorite things to do here at the South Bend Bistro in Sunriver Oregon is to have fun with our drinks. Is it important that they go well with our carefully set menu, yes of course, but it’s also important that they taste great on their own. Because even if you’re not hungry we can still make sure you leave happy. The black Manhattan is one our personal favorites and we’ll think you’ll agree.

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with the classic Manhattan. It’s a staple among whisky enthusiasts for its bold simplicity. However, it’s foundation is a perfect set up for fresh updates if a frisky bartender feels the need to try their hand at everyone's favorite pastime, mixology. Which is where Todd Smith of San Francisco’s Bourbon and Branch comes in. In 2005 he took a chance with a modern classic and presented the black Manhattan. With the simple swap of bittersweet amaro for sweet vermouth and throwing in a smidge of orange bitters. When you mix that with the classic flavors of whiskey you put a fresh interior on a classic to turn it into a hotrod.

Here at South Bend Bistro, we took it just a bit further. A perfect pour of Basil Hayden Bourbon filling the air with oak barrel aged, sweet brown sugar, black pepper, and dried fruit aromas. Then comes the Averna amaro and the black walnut bitters served over one well-placed large rock in the bottom of your glass with a Bordeaux cherry to seal the deal, chef’s kiss ladies and gents.

So next time you’re feeling the need for day cap a night cap or just a friendly reminder that legends never die come visit us 57080 bldg 26 in Sunriver Oregon for a drink and story.

Our Black Manhattan

2 ounces of Basil Hayden bourbon

1 ounce Averna Amaro

A dash of black walnut bitters

And a cherry on top


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