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Welcome to South Bend Bistro

Welcome to the South Bend Bistro in Sunriver Oregon

Well known amongst Oregonians and some out of towners as well, Sunriver Oregon is a hidden gem of discovery. Nestled in the Deschutes National Forest about 15 miles south of Bend Oregon it is a premium destination for those of us that like the peace and quiet of the woods but also the amenities of 5 star travel. Located on the Deschutes River you have anything that you need for a great vacation. We have sunshine, water parks, rivers, wild animals, shops and restaurants to fulfill any foodies to-do list.

One of the best things to do on vacation is to go out and eat and we aren’t not opposed to that. Trying new things when you’re on vacation is part of the experience and the South Bend Bistro has just what you need. Food is the best way to start any vacation so why not start with the best.

An exquisite Menu designed by our beloved Chef Day is sure to please. We have everything you can imagine that tells the story of fine dining in the northwest. Expertly prepared seafood, steak and cocktails that make it worth the travel for a wonderful vacation. The crew at South Bend Bistro has sought out the best locally sourced ingredients to make your dining experience the best it can possibly be. Mixed with some imported specialty meats and cheeses you’ll fall in love with this unique menu. From sea scallops to carpaccio and steamer clams to roasted quail you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the flavors and options in your grasp. As well as carefully selected wines by our sommelier Davis Stofle that pair each meal with the best pour to make your vacation complete.

Our owner Laura Bliss has created a unique atmosphere of class and relaxation perfect for enjoying a beautifully crafted meal. A place to sit and admire the finer things in life while you sip on a black Manhattan and forget for a moment that you are indeed in the middle of the forest. A place to indulge in some bananas foster cheesecake with a special someone to celebrate an anniversary. Or a comfy seat at the bar to wrap up the day with a single malt scotch and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. For any day that ends in Y we’ve got a seat for you down at the South Bend Bistro.

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