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Sunriver Restaurant

Feed Your Soul at Our Exclusive Sunriver Restaurant

Discover a world of flavor right around the corner at South Bend Bistro. Serving dinner nightly to a select number of our neighbors, Chef Kelly Day creates a meal that will dazzle your taste buds and build lasting memories with your friends and family. Whether you have a craving for the best in Northwest seafood or a plate of expertly executed imported meats and cheese, our menu is sure to sate all your senses.

Local Flavors Expertly Executed

Like other restaurants in Sunriver, we do build our menu using local produce, dairy, and meats. However, we take those rustic ingredients to the next level and create tastes and plates that deliver a fine dining experience wrapped in the comfort of our elegant dining room. With limited seatings every night, we ensure that every guest thoroughly enjoys each morsel by taking the extra time to guarantee precise preparation. We encourage diners to savor each course and enjoy relaxed conversation over your meal.

Curated Wine Pairings for a Balanced Culinary Experience

Not only does our Sunriver restaurant put a spotlight on food, our sommelier David Stofle offers carefully selected wine pairings for every dish. Whether you prefer an aged wine or locally brewed IPA, he can help you find the perfect notes to support your meal. For the ultimate dining experience, he can also suggest pallet clearing bites and drinks so you get the strongest impact from your meal.

As one of the more popular restaurants in Sunriver, reservations are suggested. Please call or use our online system to select the arrival time that works best for your group. Having a party? Ask about reserving the entire restaurant and selecting a catered menu that celebrates your special day. Enjoy outdoor dining during summer months.

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